What service levels can be expected with php development ?

The php development service industry is a competitive one.

It can be difficult to find an agency that will offer the level of service you need at the price you're willing to pay. However, there are ways that you can go about finding a php development company that will meet your needs, now and in the future.

You can identify php development companies that will meet your needs by following the guidelines below. Read on for information on how to identify php developers who have what it takes:

First, see if the php development company is covered by a code of ethics. This could be an in-house commitment to service standards or an industry-wide regulator.

Are their service levels reflected with financial penalties in their contract with you ?

You need php developers that are accessible.

Do php developers work remotely or are they in an office close to you ? How flexible is your php development team about working hours and meeting in person ?

Do php developers work in the same office, or do php development companies have php developers working from home and hosting meetings with you online ?

How do php developers communicate with you ? Do php development companies use phone, email and/or instant messaging for communication purposes ?

Is php development included as part of other services like website design - or is it a specialist area by itself supporting your business more than just superficially ?

Are php development services available 24/365, or just during business hours ?

Do they have a php development blog to keep you updated on php development trends?

Do you have access to php developers who can either work with your team directly, or offer php development training if that's what you need ?

Do you have access to the real-time management data that your developers are seeing and working with ?


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